Hair Growth Made Simple, Try 1 Promising Ayurvedic Tip

Hair fall and the stress it brings isn’t limited to just you or me, it affects everyone. For instance, did you know that 35 million men and 21 million women across the globe suffer from hair fall every year?

That means you, your mother, your daughter, your wife, your son, the kindly neighbour, the kirana shop owner, your friend who now lives in America- everyone is waging a tough battle against hair fall, but the solution seems to be nowhere in sight.

So What Does Ayurveda Say About Hair Fall?

Most people, whether men or women, even children, deal with conditions such as a dry scalp, dry and brittle hair, and hair breakage far more than can be considered normal.

Ayurveda believes that such conditions, especially baldness, are genetic, and are triggered by various factors such as

  • anaemia
  • recurring fevers
  • lack of a proper diet and exercise
  • stress
  • an imbalance in the work and rest cycle, etcetera.

The human body is said to consist of three ‘doshas’ – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three doshas are biological energies in the body, which when functioning harmoniously lead to the physical and mental well-being of a person.

However, even a slight imbalance in these doshas heralds change within the body, leading to various conditions and illnesses.

Coming to hair fall, the factors mentioned above cause an imbalance in the ‘Vata’ and ‘Pitta’ of the body causing dryness within the body and hair. A blockage of the pores causes entrapment of heat inside the body, further aggravating this condition and leading to ‘Vidaha’, a condition wherein the hair roots get damaged due to the accumulation of trapped heat.

Hence, these four crucial issues

  • blockage of pores
  • trapped heat causing inflammation
  • undernourishment, and
  • stress relief

must be treated together for any hair fall solution to be effective.

Royal Indulgence Keshvi For The Body, Mind And Soul

Three diverse problems, one powerful solution.   

As a holistic system of medicine, Ayurveda believes that no remedy is complete without treating its root cause. Mere curative remedies for a condition or an illness, can only arrest them temporarily, not alleviate them forever.

Also, solutions that focus solely on the body, tend to neglect the mind and spirit, which play an equal, if not greater role, in our physical and mental well-being.

Hair fall is not limited to strands falling from your head. It engages many deeper underlying issues such as stress, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem, avoiding social contact, depression, etcetera.

By targeting the four core issues underlying hair fall namely- blockage of pores, trapped heat causing inflammation, undernourishment and stress relief (as discussed earlier), the Royal Indulgence Keshvi Hair Oil provides holistic healing to the self.

  1. Body- Reduces damage and hair fall, and encourages volume thanks to the goodness of the 100% natural, 29 supra-active herbal ingredients it possesses. It also corrects the nutritional deficiency in the body that causes hair fall by supplementing nutritional intake.Note that the human body does not derive nutrition by diet alone, but the skin is capable of nutritional intake by absorption too.
  2. Mind- The 29 herbs present in this oil are widely acclaimed by Ayurveda for providing stress relief. When used correctly, the active ingredients present in these herbs penetrate deep inside the scalp and enhance blood circulation.The accumulated heat in the body leading to ‘Videha’ is brought down by allowing the trapped heat to be released, further cooling down the body and providing relief.

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